Recombinant Human Phosphoserine Phosphatase/PSP (C-6His) (C167)

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Recombinant Human Phosphoserine Phosphatase is produced by our E.coli expression system and the target gene encoding Met1-Glu225 is expressed with a 6His tag at the C-terminus.
Greater than 95% as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE.
Store at < -20°C, stable for 6 months after receipt.
Please minimize freeze-thaw cycles.
Phosphoserine phosphatase (PSP) is an enzyme that belongs to the serB family. PSPH catalyzes magnesium-dependent hydrolysis of L-phosphoserine and is also involved in an exchange reaction between L-serine and L-phosphoserine. The reaction mechanism proceeds via the formation of a phosphoryl-enzyme intermediates. Deficiency of this protein is thought to be linked to Williams syndrome. A disorder that results in pre- and postnatal growth retardation, moderate psychomotor retardation and facial features suggestive of Williams syndrome.
For research use ONLY.